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AutoCheckin for Joomla!

If you have multiple users working in the backend of your Joomla based site, you know the problem: an item is checked out by another user, that user is not online anymore, because he has closed his browser window instead of logging out, his session has expired or the browser crashed.

In Joomla 1.5, this problem can be solved only by manually checking in the checked-out item by the respective user. From Joomla 1.6, a checked-out item by other users can be checked back in, but only manually.

Our new Autocheckin-plugin makes this a problem of the past. The Autocheckin-plugin automatically checks in all items that are checked out longer than you defined. Autocheckin also checks in modules and plugins.

Usage: install the plugin and activate it. Select in the parameters the maximum time an item should be checked out.

This package contains the AutoCheckin plugin. It is very useful for websites with many editors, when they forget to checkin the article they are editing then this plugin will automatically chek it back in after a selectable period of time.

Autocheckin Plugin

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