eXtroDownloads - Joomla! Download Component

eXtroDownloads, a Joomla! component was originally developed as a solution for a medium-sized company. The Joomla download componente is one of the most extensive download solutions that exist for Joomla.

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The following requirements have been implemented with this Joomla! download component

  • simple Download import.
  • Easy management of large download amounts.
  • Joomla ACL level for downloads.
  • Multilingual Downloads
  • Different views, e.g. Multi-Download-view select via checkbox which file you would like to download.
  • Password protected Downloads
  • Option: license agreement
  • If a active Download File was deleted by mistake, an Administrator gets a message via Email.
  • Download backend check if a download file exists or not.
  • Deactivation of an download, if the file was deleted
  • Versioning of Downloads
  • Accordion-view: it lists multiple categories and Downloads
  • Checking for allowed data type during importing
  • Download stats

Joomla! Download eXtensions Specials

  • synchronisation of a Download category and a Web-folder: If you would like to import permanently all files from a Web-folder to a Download Category you can do this by Cron or PoormansCron.
  • Via Cron or PoormansCron. you can automatically import Downloads in Downloads Categories, Languages, User, Author and Joomla access level.
  • Download directories do not need to be in Joomla docroot, the Download component can handle any directory on a server (Open_basedir restrictions).
  • The Component is com_content based.
  • If a Administrator knows Joomla - work will be a breeze.