Buy Joomla Security and Support for your Joomla Application

If you choose an Enterprise service contract for Joomla by extro-media, you do not have to worry about updates, version compatibility or attacks on your page.

With a extro-media service contract, your Joomla installation will be protected and updated by us! We act according to the principle of open source your data belongs to you and do not concern us. You decide what, when, for how long.

What are the benefits of this Contract:

  • With the webengineering of extro-media, we provide you an enterprise class service.
  • Update cycles are defined by you monthly, weekly or daily.
  • Minimize downtime of the website / shop and disaster recovery.
  • Your content management system and all extensions will be updated at a fixed monthly service fee.
  • Save costs by outsourcing, concentrate on your core business.
  • You determine the contract period.

Support methods

  • Access to the support ticket system of eXtro-media support team with high priority.
  • On request we can make a live meeting via remote desktop for the evaluation of existing problems.
  • If it speeds up the process we will call you.

Joomla Hosting Bonus

If you run a Joomla hosting with us you receive a 20% bonus on all of our support offerings ( ).

As soon as we receive your inquiry, we will gain an overview of your Site, and contact you afterwards.
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