CleanUp Service Joomla!

Your Joomla CMS was compromised! Now you should act fast!

Price incl. VAT310,92 €

Your Joomla CMS was compromised!

Now you should act quickly. Hackers typically break into pages for example to steal customer data or credit card information, or use your website to send mass SPAM to others, or deface your site, which can lead to reputational damage. Take action as soon as possible, because you are liable for attacks with your compromised site.

eXtro-media offers a complete clean-up service for your website, so you can use your website for advertising purposes, e-commerce etc. as usual.

What are our services:

  • Identify and remove viruses, Trojans, rootkits, and other malicious code *.
  • Identify and remove malware, which for example can be responsible for sending SPAM.
  • We update your Joomla! Installation to the latest version.
  • We will check the log files to determine how hackers have broken into the site, or from where.
  • We conclude detected system vulnerabilities.
  • We will advise you what is to do if other systems such as web servers, database servers or other services should be affected.

What are the benefits of our services

  • Emergency aid after an attack.
  • Certainty that your site will be restored (if backups are available) and that the Site is secure afterwards.
  • You get an updated Joomla with all eXtensions (Please note If you have used commercial eXtensions, we need the latest Versions of it).

What we need from you after the purchase of the Clean-Up Service.

  • Domain-name
  • Server control panel username and password (eg cPanel, Plesk, ...)
  • If your hosting has SSH access, the SSH login (Secure Shell)
  • FTP user name and password
  • Joomla administrator login details

If you haven't all data, please contact your hosting provider in advance.

Please send us all information you received about the incident, e.g. abuse mails, spam mails sent by the hacked site, etc.

Our service hours for this service are from Mon - Fri 9:00 am to 7:00 pm (GMT +1 / +2 Germany).

Our specialists will contact you as soon as possible after purchase, usually on the same business day.

* in case of server-based rootkits, the server should be scanned for viruses on OS level. This should be performed by booting the server via a rescue system. This is only possible, if you're using a server with full root access.