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The extensions filed under 'Free Downloads for Joomla!' are free versions available to everybody, you don't have to register to download.

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Stable Autocheckin Plugin

Veröffentlicht am:
Montag, 01. August 2011 02:00
11933 mal

AutoCheckin for Joomla!

If you have multiple users working in the backend of your Joomla based site, you know the problem: an item is checked out by another user, that user is not online anymore, because he has closed his browser window instead of logging out, his session has expired or the browser crashed.

In Joomla 1.5, this problem can be solved only by manually checking in the checked-out item by the respective user. From Joomla 1.6, a checked-out item by other users can be checked back in, but only manually.

Our new Autocheckin-plugin makes this a problem of the past. The Autocheckin-plugin automatically checks in all items that are checked out longer than you defined. Autocheckin also checks in modules and plugins.

Usage: install the plugin and activate it. Select in the parameters the maximum time an item should be checked out.

This package contains the AutoCheckin plugin. It is very useful for websites with many editors, when they forget to checkin the article they are editing then this plugin will automatically chek it back in after a selectable period of time.

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Stable Bootstrap Row Builder

Veröffentlicht am:
Montag, 27. Juli 2015 02:00
5184 mal
BootStrap Row Builder

BootStrap Row Builder for Joomla!

The BootStrap Row Builder for Joomla! helps you building your BootStrap based markup.

While editing a Joomla article, all you have to do is to click the 'insert grid' button to embed a video.

In the popup light, select which row construct you want to insert - click Insert to add the respective markup.

Now all you have to do is to replace the default content with your own content. It will then be displayed in a correct BootStrap row.

This plugin is especially helpful if you often need to create BootStrap rows.

Compatibility: BS 2 and 3.

This file contains the BootStrap Row Builder Plugin for Joomla.

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Stable Domain Check free

Veröffentlicht am:
Montag, 07. Mai 2012 02:00
10392 mal
Download our free domain checker module for Joomla!

This module allows you to check domains with multiple TLDs for availability.

The module checks domains in these TLDs for availability:

  • .de (Germany)
  • .eu (Europe)
  • .com (Commercial)
  • .at (Austria)
  • .org (Organization)
  • .info (Informational)
  • .net (Network)
  • .ch (Switzerland)

Please note: this is a free version of our commercial Domain checker. This free version can only check the TLDs listed above and cannot be configured. Additionally, in the frontend output, there will be links to direct purchasing possibilities of domains on our servers. Please DO NOT download and use this module if you don't agree with this.

The commercial version of this module can check much more TLDs and is configurable, eg you can define which TLDs you want to check and create your own profiles, or use the default ones.

Please read also the file mod_extrodomaincheck.txt , included in the zip file.

Comparison Chart DomainChecker

DomainCheck commercial

  • 7, individually configurable profiles to check TLDs in the frontend.
  • Contains no backlinks.
  • Whois-Test, Webmastercoffee-Test.
  • Overview link configurable.
  • TLDs that can be checked all TLDs until 2011, and some of the new gTLD there will be extended on updates.
  • Support by eXtro-media.
Purchase commercial eXtro Domain Checker

DomainCheck free

  • NO configurable Check profiles.
  • Fixed overview link, links to (it could be removed manualy).
  • TLDs that can be checked (de, .eu, .com, .at, .org, .info, .net, .ch) it cannot be changed.
  • Support by Community (Forum).

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Stable eXtroTips Plugin

Veröffentlicht am:
Donnerstag, 12. Januar 2012 01:00
9419 mal
eXtroTips - pure CSS3 Tooltips

Our eXtroTips plugin creates pure CSS3 Tooltips.

Normal tooltips are a combination of HTML and Javascript. The disadvantage is that a visitor who hasn't activated Javascript can't see the tooltip or even gets an error when visiting your site. CSS3 tooltips make this a problem of the past, all modern browsers support CSS3.

Supported browsers:

  • Firefox (from 4.0)
  • Internet Explorer (> 7)
  • Opera
  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Midori
  • Arora
  • Chromium

For an online demo, please visit our demo site.

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Stable Placeholder pictures plugin

Veröffentlicht am:
Montag, 26. März 2012 02:00
6201 mal
Download Placeholder Pictures Plugin for Joomla!

Placeholder Pictures Plugin creates automatic pictures.

This plugin is very useful not only for developers who need custom sized placeholders. It's also very useful for demo sites if you don't have demo images or don't want to upload them. These pictures are created on the fly. You can define the size of the picture and set optionally the category. The tag can be inserted anywhere on your site, even in the template.

This package contains the Placeholder plugin for Joomla!

Download it and install as usual, do not forget to activate the plugin. Placeholder pictures plugin creates pictures on the fly. It is very useful for web developers who want to display pictures on a development website but did not yet get pictures from their client.

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Stable Sitelinkx

Veröffentlicht am:
Donnerstag, 01. April 2010 02:00
23779 mal
Sitlinkx Download

SitelinkX free for Joomla!

Sitelinkx is a simple way to manage links in Joomla. Keep an overview of the internal and external links.

Here you can find out how to use Sitelinkx

This package contains the component/plugin SitelinkX. This extension automatically replaces keywords with links. The commercial version of Sitelinkx (SitelinkX Pro) has improved features as well as better support. If you like SitelinkX, please consider purchasing the commercial version.

Comparison SitelinkX and SitelinkX Pro

Sitelinkx Pro

  • Unlimited SitelinkX can be created.
  • Select a Joomla-article from a list and set it as target.
  • Create nofollow-links
  • Limit the number of replacements in a article
  • Check if the set URL will be reachable or not.
  • Define the Target Window (_self, _blank).
  • Select joomla articles and components, where keywords shall not be replaced.
  • Support by eXtro-media
  • Include the booster Plugin for faster replacement
Purchase SitelinkX Pro


  • Unlimited SitelinkX can be created
  • Select a Joomla-article from a list and set it as target.
  • Create nofollow-links.
  • Limit the number of replacements in a article.
  • Check if the set URL will be reachable or not.
  • Define the Target Window (_self, _blank).
  • Support by the comunnity (forum)

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Stable SLOMO Plugin

Veröffentlicht am:
Mittwoch, 12. Dezember 2012 01:00
6231 mal
SLOMO plugin Download

SLOMO (System LOad MOdule) plugin

If you're using Joomla, you might already know the original loadmodule plugin. Based on the original, the SLOMO plugin is the logial next step.

The original loadmodule plugin has some restrictions like being a content plugin and only allowing modules to be loaded by position or type. The SLOMO plugin has 2 major improvements:

  • it is a system plugin (ie the tag can be anywhere, even in your template file)
  • you can also load modules by their IDs


  • {slomoposition position[,style]} loads all modules that are assigend to 'position' (e.g. position-1 , position-2 , etc.) with the optional style 'style'. See your template manual for a description what 'style' can be
  • {slomomodule moduletype[,title][,style]} loads a module of type 'moduletype' (e.g. mod_login , mod_breadcrumbs , etc) with the optional title 'title' and the optional style 'style'.
  • {slomoid moduleid[,style]} loads the module with the ID 'moduleid' (numeric value) and the optional style 'style'.

This plugin is completely free and comes 'as is', we hope you like it, enjoy!

Since this is a system plugin, some module that use ->addScript , -> addStyleSheet , etc. methods may not be able to include their respective JavaScript or CSS files.

This plugin comes 'as is'. Thank you for your understanding that we cannot provide (free) support for our freely downloadadble eXtensions.

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Stable Timewindow

Veröffentlicht am:
Montag, 17. Dezember 2012 01:00
7732 mal
TimeWindow plugin Download

TimeWindow plugin for Joomla!

This plugin allows you to display timed content.

You have 3 time windows to display your content. Originally, this plugin was made to display a notice before a event starts, a 2nd notice during the event and a 3rd after the event has been closed. you can define the time when each of these 3 time wondows should be display individually, also the content can be set independently for each of the 3 time windows.

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Stable Video Embedder

Veröffentlicht am:
Montag, 27. Juli 2015 02:00
8462 mal
Video Embedder

Video Embedder for Joomla!

The Video Embedder Plugin is used to embed videos from different video platforms into your Joomla article.

This plugin can be used stand-alone by entering the tag manually into a article and providing the correct parameters.

However, it is much more fun and convenient to use the editor plugin that comes with the Video embedder.

While editing a Joomla article, all you have to do is to click the 'embed video' button to embed a video.

All videos that are embedded with the eXtro Video Embedder are displayed responsive - so you don't have to worry about the video size!

V1.1.0 now also supports facebook videos.
Please note: only public facebook videos are supported!

V1.2.0 adds frontend compatibility

Please note: Unzip the file first, then install both plugins separately.

This package contains 2 plugins:

  • The Video Embedder Plugin - this plugin actually embeds your video
  • The Video Embedder Editor Plugin - this plugin lets you create the plugin tag in a very convenient way, just click the button

Please don't forget to activate both plugins!

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