Manuals for our Joomla! eXtensions

General information about updates, uses the Joomla update notifier to notify you of updates.

Similar to the Joomla core updater, you will be notified in your Joomla backend if an update is availabe for an eXtro-media eXtension you have installed.

However, since our eXtensions are commercial, you cannot update the eXtension directly by clicking the Update button, you will only be notified that an update is available.

Instead, you need to visit our site and download the update from there, log in to your account first to get the download link from your orders.
After you've downloaded the zip file, install it in your Joomla backend, the eXtension will update itself if an older version is installed already.

Questions and Answers:

Q: I get notified about an update of an eXtro-media eXtension, but if I click Update, I get a error message saying 'Invalid eXtension update'. Why is this?
A: Since our eXtensions are commercial, you need to download the files from our server. Commercial files are not freely available.

Q: I logged in to your server and tried to download a eXtension where an update is available, but I get a message saying that my download time has expired.
A: If you see this message, your subscription has expired. Please renew your subscription by purchasing it again to download the product.

Q: My download time has expired, how can I get updates?
A: If you want the latest updates for your eXtension, you need to purchase the eXension again. Please go to our shop, there you can purchase it.