Q: Why does'nt my image display in a lightbox?

A: Most likely, this is due to a jQuery clash

If you are using the gallery or the lightbox module, and your images don't display in the popup lightbox, i.e. only the big image is displayed in the current browser window, then most likely, you are getting a JavaScript error in your browser console.

The reason for this is in most cases that the jQuery framework library gets loaded multiple times with multiple different versions, which then creates a so-called 'jQuery clash'.

You can check this by taking a look at the website's HTML source code:

Press Ctrl-U to view the HTML source code, then search (Ctrl-F) for jquery.
If you find multiple entries for jquery.js or jquery.min.js , then most likely, your site creates a jQuery clash.

The easiest way to solve this issue is to install the 'jQuery easy Plugin'. This Plugin makes your site load the jQuery framework only once and as first js file (as it should be), thus resolving most jQuery related issues.