Q: Why does my video not play in RBVG?

A: This can have multiple reasons:

First, make sure that you are using the correct video type and link for your video.

For Youtube videos, use http://youtu.be/VIDEO_ID

For Vimeo videos, use http://vimeo.com/VIDEO_ID

For mp4 videos, use the full URL, e.g. http://www.domain.com/path/to/video.mp4

Next, make sure that the jQuery framework gets loaded only once, and as first JavaScript file.
If in doubt, use the jQuery easy plugin.

If the video still isn't visible, make sure that your template has a appropriate module position to display it correctly. Maybe the RVGB module plays the video correcty, but the module is 'behind' the template's main container which has a intransparent background. In this cae, remove the background from the main container.