Q: Why gets the module displayed in template 1, but not in template 2?

A: Most likely, the module is set to a module position that doesn't exist in both templates

When publishing the TemplateSwitcher module, you should use a module position that exists in both templates, e.g. 'debug' for Protostar and Beez3 , the default templates in Joomla 3.
If you cannot find a module position that exists in both (resp. all of your) templates you want to be switchable, create one as descibed in our tutorial 'How to create a optimal module position'.

Q: What does the cog mean on the left side of my frontend?

A: The cog is a trigger - it tells you which templates can be switched

This means that you can click it, and then will see a list of templates that can be switched.

Q: I'm clicking the cog, but nothing happens?

A: This is either a JavaScript problem (unlikely), or a CSS related problem

First, check your browser's console - if you see no JavaScript errors, it is most likely a CSS problem - your template seems to be built using relative/absolute positioned containers.
This means that the z-index of the trigger is set too low - edit the templateswitchers CSS file and set the z-index to a higher value (The value needed depends on your template - maybe you need to do some tests until you find the correct value)

Edit the file modules/mod_templateswitcher/templateswitcher-t.css (for traditional) or modules/mod_templateswitcher/templateswitcher-n.css (for new).
For traditional, find line 8 (#templateswitcher h5 a) and set the z-index to a higher value.
For new, find line 3 (.sidebar-button-sidebar) and set the z-index here.

Q: How can i limit the templates that can be switched?

A: This can be done in the module's settings

Select your template styles in the module's backend. Only templates that are selected here will be switchable.

Q: I'm using a gantry based template - why doesn't it work/do i get error(s)/do i get a blank screen?

A: That is correct, gantry based templates cannot be switched, we mention this in the product, the manual, and the FAQ you're reading right now.

Gantry based templates cannot be switched. The Gantry framework extends the default Joomla template system, which makes it incompatible with our TemplateSwitcher.