Q: How can I set the default element ordering when using the 'Articles from a category' in the RPC Portfolio

A: You can set the article ordering in the Joomla content manager for your category

When using the element type 'Articles from a Joomla category', it can be confusing at first, because you only setup one element in the backend, but you get many elements in the frontend display.
This is because this element type takes all articles from the respective category, and creates a frontend portfolio element from each
Now if you wonder how to change the default ordering for these articles/elements, do this:

  1. Go to the Joomla article manager (Content -> Articles)
  2. Use the 'Search Tools' button, and select the category you want to use in the portfolio
  3. Now, you should only see the articles from the category you want to use in the portfolio
  4. Next, Sort the list by the 'Ordering' field, click the respective Symbol (up/down arrow to the left in the table header line, use ascending)
  5. Now you can drag'n'drop your articles into the desired ordering
  6. When done, take a look at the frontend. The portfolio should now display the articles according to the ordering you just set