Q: How do I configure midnight opening times in TimedNotice?

A: This is possible - please read on

This is best demonstrated at a example:

Let's say you're planning a midnight sale each friday night, i.e. your shop is open from friday evening 23:00 o'clock to saturday 01:00 o'clock.

Now that we know the start and end time, we can use these to configure the Plugin:

For friday, enter this : 23:00-23:59 - this represents the last hour of friday from 23:00 o'clock to midnight.

For saturday, enter this : 00:00-01:00 - this represents the first hour of saturday from midnight to 01:00 o'clock

Now, the TimedNotice plugin will display the 'Open'-message (within the time frame message) between friday, 23:00 o'clock and saturday, 01:00 o'clock, as expected!