Q: EUPFIC / LMIV Plugin - is the nutrition information mandatory?

A: The nutrition information is mandatory from December 2016

The EUPFIC Plugin already complies with this regulation. This means that if you enter the nutrition information, you are safe already long before December 2016

The general information (e.g. list of ingredients, list of ingredients causing allergies, etc.) is already mandatory, so you should definitely enter these general informations.

The nutrition information (e.g. energy, fat, etc.) will be mandatory from December 2016, however, we recommend also entering these informations to prevent possible problems.

The optional information (e.g. starch, mono-unsaturates, etc.) are always optional - you don't have to enter these - no problems will arise if you leave them empty.

The per portion information - these are also optional. However, you may want to enter these informations also, so the customer feels better informed before purchase.