Q: Why does the BGS/RBVG not display?

A: Most likely, this is a template related issue

The BGS / RBVG module should always be published in a module position with low HTML nesting, i.e. ideally directly after the body tag.
To make sure that the module gets displayed this way, you should consider creating a optimal module position as described in our respective tutorial.

Additionally, you should make sure that the BGS / RBVG is not overlayed by the template's main container.
To check this, view your site's HTML source code and search for 'extro'. If you find a ul with the class extrobgs, then the module is published and displayed, but invisible due to another container in the foreground.
Make sure that the other containers in the foreground have no intransparent backgrounds attached to them. By making this background transparent, the BGS / RBVG which is 'behind' the main container will get visible.