Q: What do I have to consider when upgrading the RPC Portfolio to V1.4.x from V1.3.x?

A: Please read on

V1.4.0 of the RPC Portfolio contains a breaking change compared to earlier versions. From now on, also non-latin Characters are supported in main filters and filter tags.
If you want to update to V1.4.0 (or higher) from V1.3.x (or lower), please consider this:

  • As V1.4.0 contains a breaking change, always backup first!
  • You can now use non-latin characters (like greek, cyrillic, etc) for your Main filters and Filter tags. However, you will have to re-enter your filter tags for your Portfolio items as due to this change, the filter tags cannot be assigned any more correctly to the respective items.
  • You should update directly to V1.4.1, since we've corrected a bug in V1.4.0 when using no-latin characters and special characters.