The 360 Carousel is a carousel module by . You can use up to 24 items with it, you can choose how many items to display in one row (multi item feature) , it has a great overlay for each item, uses CSS3 animations, title, content, image zoom, and is linkable to any URL you like. This is probably the best carousel for Joomla - easy to configure but still very powerful and feature-rich. Each item consists of

  • preview image
  • full image (zoom)
  • title text
  • content text
  • a link to any URL
  • YouTube and MP4 Video

This means that you can use the 360 Carousel e.g to display images of your featured products with direct link to the shop, or as a carousel menu with static links, or even as a gallery. Let your creativity decide what you can do with the fantastic 360 Carousel by .

1. Installation

Installation is simple - In your Joomla backend, go to Extensions -> Installation , select the module's zip file and click upload & install. That's it, the 360 Carousel is now ready to be used. You can now continue with Step 2 - Setup.

2. Setup

To setup your 360 Carousel, go to Extensions -> Modules and select the 360 Carousel module from the list. In the Module tab (default Joomla - first tab), you can set the module's name, position and status, just like in any other Joomla module.

Now go to the Options tab, here, all important settings can be done.
Note: from Joomla 3.4 , the basic settings and Default settings are merged.This is a Joomla default behaviour, i.e. the Module tab contains the basic settings.

You will see 2 types of option tabs - Basic Options (Module in J3.4 onwards) and Items x to y (Items 1 to 4, Items 5 to 8 , etc). In the basic options (Module tab), you can define the look and feel of the module.

  • Include jQuery - select Yes if you think that jQuery is not included by Joomla itself
  • Include Carousel script - select only No if you are sure that your Joomla installation uses bootstrap 2.3.2
  • Theme Color - select the theme color for the item overlay.
  • Elements per row - Choose from 1,2,3,4 or 6 items per row, this allows you to use the module's multi item feature
  • Interval - Select the interval for the carousel, i.e. the carousel will wait this amount of milliseconds until it continues to move
  • Bullet navigation/Navigation arrows - Choose Yes to display bullet navigation / Navigation arrows for your 360 Carousel
  • Legacy mode - Though this module has been developed for Joomla 3.x , it is also functional with Joomla 2.5. If you experience difficulties using the 360 Carousel on Joomla 2.5, you should enable the Legacy mode for better compatibility.

In the Items x to y tabs (e.g. Items 1 to 4, Items 5 to 8 , etc), you can define the single element items.

  • Preview/Full image - Select your preview/full image for the item. The preview image is the 'main' image for your item, the full image will be displayed when you click the Zoom icon in the overlay upon hovering.
  • Title text - Enter your title text for the item. The title will be displayed when hovering over the item in the frontend. It serves as a heading.
  • Content text - Enter your content text for yout item. The content will be displayed below the title, here you can enter e.g. a description for your item.
  • Link - Enter a URL here to which the item will link. This allows you to e.g. link to a product in your shop, or to a article, or to another website.

Last, go to the Menu assignment tab and set your desired menu assignment for the 360 Carousel. If in doubt, choose 'On all pages'.

Congratulations, your 360 Carousel is now fully configured, you can now take a look at the frontend to see the output.

3. Display in frontend

Go to your frontend, if you've configured the module correctly, you should see the 360 Carousel there. Hover a carousel item with your mouse, and you'll see the overlay in the theme color you selected, and the title, content, zoom and link icon. Click the zoom icon to see the full image, and the link icon to go directly to the link that you've configured for this item.

Depending on the number of items and the number per row, you can also start the carousel. The more items you have configured, the better the carousel will look.

Congratulations, your 360 Carouse is now fully configured. If you need more carousel modules, just click new in the module configuration screen and select the 360 carousel module.