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Sitelinkx Question -

8 years 6 months ago #333 by boliviano
Hi there,
sitelinkx itself works fine, but I encounter the problem, that sitelinkx substitutes tag-links too.

I use the tortags component at the end of my content pages and I only want 1 substitution of the keyword on every page. That works fine in the content, but the if the same keyword is on the side as a tortag with link, it gets substituted too. So in the end my tag-link gets overwritten by sitelinkx and I have two sitelinkx for one keyword instead of one.

Anything I can do to prevent that?

Thank you!

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8 years 6 months ago #334 by Maike
Replied by Maike on topic Sitelinkx Question -
Hi boliviano,

I didn't know the component 'tortags' (until now), but as far as I see from the description in the JED, this component adds tags to an article via a plugin. Since Sitelinkx also uses a plugin to replace keywords, you could try to change the order in which plugins are executed, so that the Sitelinkx plugin replaces keywords before the tortags plugin adds the tags to the article.

Another solution could be to disable content plugins in the tortags component, but this requires a corresponding option in the tortags configuration. Unfortunately I don't know the tortags component good enough to tell if there exists such a configuration setting.

If this also doesn't help, you can try to use the { sitelinkxoff } tag in your tortags component, this should normally prevent Sitelinkx from replacing keywords.


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