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E.R.B.S.E. Slides not rotating in IE9

8 years 11 months ago #572 by windgate
E.R.B.S.E. works great in FireFox and Chrome, but the slides are not changing in IE9. Essentially there is no animation. How do I make it work?


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8 years 10 months ago #575 by Caro
Hello windgate,

IE9 does only support a short rage of possibilities from CSS3. We mention that in the Product description and in the Manual for the Product.

Please have a look at the following Links.

Microsoft should only update to IE10 in their supported operating system (Vista and Vista Server), and the problem does no longer exists. If you would like to support this suggestion, please send support emails to that high tech company in Redmond :-).

Best Regards

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Thanks a lot :)

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