Will it really work with artisteer?

9 years 1 month ago #699 by trogladyte
I'm asking because I have tried to make another product work with an artisteer template and it's been a frustrating failure. I know you have some Artisteer specific help, but I want confirmation that it really does work. Especially as your explanation talks about finding code in index.php calling the background and having to comment it out. The BG is specified in the template.css file, not index.php.

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9 years 1 month ago #700 by Caro
Hello trogladyte,

the background slider will also work with artisteer templates. We have several hundred customer who are using artisteer based templates with this module and it works.
Btw. if you have any problem with one of our Joomla eXtension, open a ticket and our commercial support will help you until the extension works or they suggest how to get it to work! If you send our commercial support also login credentials, they will do the integration for you (free of charge).

Pleas note: our Support is available Mo - Fr, 9 - 19 o'clock CET

I hope my answer helps you any further.

If you think our extensions are worth 5 stars, feel free to write a review in the JED .

Thanks a lot :)

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