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Linking with Filters

5 years 6 months ago #761 by sipx
Linking with Filters was created by sipx
I'm trying to link to a specific filter string using a System External URL. This works perfect if the user goes from anywhere on the site except the menu item for the component.

Base site link

RPC Responsive Portfolio Component link

If the user goes directly to the external menu link, they will see the filtered portofio. LINK

Once in the component, if you try any link string, nothing happens. The URL changes, but the component doesn't respond because there isn't anything causing a refresh of content. Try any menu under "Systems" on the referenced site. The only way to make it work is to use "New Window" for the link parameter of the External URL.

Is there a way to force refresh a page?

It would be nice to have a menu selection under RPC - Responsive Portfolio that would allow you to select default selected filters.

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5 years 6 months ago #766 by forumsupport
Replied by forumsupport on topic Linking with Filters
Hello sipx,

you're right, if you're on a page that displays the component, and you click a link that leads to the same URL, but only with a different fragment, the browser doesn't reload the page. We've never tried this before, so thanks for reporting this.
A workaround could be to link to a different portfolio, e.g. one that contains only the items of your first main filters.

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