Multiple timed content

9 years 9 months ago #615 by Panos2000
Great plugin, great support! Just added a review to the extensions library.

I have one suggestion...

Please make it so that the plugin would support multiple {time} triggers for multiple timed content. For example, I might need an image to display Open during open hours on the front page but also an area in another article to say something different. In such a case I would need multiple {time} triggers.

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9 years 9 months ago #616 by Maike
Replied by Maike on topic Multiple timed content
Hello Panos2000,

thank you for liking our extensions and support, and for your review!

We've already ben thinking in expanding the Timednotice plugin to a component/plugin combination, this would offer better configuration possibilities and multiple instances of the plugin, however, we're quite busy at present, so I cannot tell you when we can release a component version of the plugin. Right now, we have some good ideas for it, all that's missing is some time ... ;)


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