First, select whether you want to include the CSS file in the frontend. If unsure, you should leave the default value.

If you want to display a link to whois and webmastercoffee for the tested domains, then click yes on these options.

Now edit the profiles, as a standard, some TLDs are predefined for the single RIRs.

If your needed TLD cannot be checked, please drop us a line.

Our eXtro DomainChecker Module supports from V2.0.0 all ccTLDs and generic TLDs with latin character set from the IANA Root Zone Database.

Additionally, V2.1.0 supports linking of all checked TLDs to a direct product in your shop, so the user can directly order a domain.

The additional link can be added like this:

Normally, you would enter a comma-separated list of TLDs like this: .de,.at,.ch
Now, you can extend each TLD with a link (use | as separator). The checked domain will be linked to the URL you provided for the TLD, eg .de|,.at|,.ch|

From Version 2.4.0, the Domainchecker module supports the tag {domain} in the link. The tag will be replaced by the domain name + TLD, so you can e.g. use the domain name as a parameter in your link. Additionally, .tatto domains can be checked, and if only one check profile will be used, the select list will not be displayed in the frontend.