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Special Characters & HTML in Sitelinkx

2 Jahre 4 Monate her #780 von wildermann42

I want to use sitelinkx not JUST to do a plain url, but I have a special tooltip plugin, that uses the following context, and I want THAT to be used, so that not only does it make it a link to an article, but mousing over it gives a bit more information than presently done.

The code:
{tip title="Title" content="Some content"}text of the link from sitelinkx{/tip}

But when I do it, it strips it all apart and wrecks the link completely.

Any thing I can do, or is this a feature I should be requesting?
2 Jahre 4 Monate her #781 von forumsupport
Hello wildermann42,

Sitelinkx replaces words with links, i.e. it will always create a 'a-tag' in the HTML markup.

To get the tag for another plugin is currently not possible - this would mean to completely rewrite the component and plugin.

If you want us to modify the component/plugin, we can send you a quote, please open a ticket to get it.

2 Jahre 4 Monate her #782 von wildermann42
Thanks for getting back to me.

Thanks but no, I will do it manually until I find a plugin that does what I need. Until then I will just go how I am going now. I am doing this for a community, and have no budget to spend on anything.
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