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I bought this extension a couple months ago, and cannot get it to update. I click on the link that says how to get updates but get a 404. Please advise me on how to get updates.

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7 Jahre 6 Monate her #703 von Maike
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Hi mjameson,

unfortunately, the 'how to get updates' link was not correctly redirected during our site relaunch. This has been corrected now, the link leads now to the manuals category which contains this article in the category description.

To download a updated version, login to our site and click 'account' or 'download' in the right side menu to see you orders. Within your order, you can find the download link.

If you receive a message that your download period has expired, then you need to repurchase the extension again to receive updates. You can use the coupon code RENEW for a renewal discount of 10%. If you have any questions, please open a ticket for faster processing.

All eXtension remain fully functional, even if you do not update to the latest version.
You can see the changelog in the respective entry in the JED.


If you like our extensions and think they are worth 5 stars, please write a review in the JED

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