Q: I use JCH optimise (or a similar js/css combination plugin) and/or ABP

A: Normally, this should be no problem. However, under certain circumstances, you need to reconfigure js combining

If you're using JCH Optimise , or a similar plugin that combines yourJS/CSS files to one file, it can happen that a Javascript doesn't work any more, like e.g. the portfolio or the gallery.
This may happen to any JavScript you're using, not only those from us.

The reason for this is that some JavaScripts don't like to be combined. In such a case, you should define a exception for the respective JavaScript file. Now , this JavaScript file will not be combined with the other JS files, and should continue to work as expected.

To find out which JS file you need to set to the exception list, do this:
Gradually disable your plugins/modules and once you find the extension that produces the error, put its JS file(s) on the exception list.
Or just do some trial and error tests ;)

A special case is when you're using google Scripts (like e.g. adwords, adsense, etc) a JS combiner and ABP (Adblock Plus in Firefox).
Since ABP can remove JS code from your site that displays ads (like adsense), it will remove also the combined JS file created by a JS combiner like JCH Optimize.
I this case, you should create a exception for the google adsense JS file, so it will not be combined with the other JS files.
ABP will then only remove the adsense JS part, and the Scripts needed for portfolio, gallery, etc. will still work correctly.