1. Installation of TimedNotice

In the Joomla-backend, click on extensions -> install, select the TimedNotice installation file and click on 'upload and install'. After successful installation, you can configure the plugin by clicking on extensions -> plugins.

2. Configuration

In the menu, click extensions -> plugins, locate the TimedNotice plugin and click on it.
Now you on the configuration page for TimedNotice. Don't forget to activate the plugin.
For each day, you can define periods of time during which the 'within'-content should be displayed (eg open-symbol).
Out of these periods of time, the 'out of period of time'-content will be displayed.

Configuring periods of time for the 'within'-content:

TimedNotice uses 24 hour time management, so 13 o'clock is 1 o'clock pm.

Configure your periods of time as follows:

start time-end time[,start time-end time,start time-end time ... ]


If you want to show your 'within'-content (eg open symbol) on mondays from 7:15 o'clock am to 11:30 o'clock am, enter 7:15-11:30 in the field next to Monday.
If you additionally want to show your 'within'-content (eg open symbol) from 1 o'clock pm to 6:30 o'clock pm, then add 13:00-18:30, separated by comma.
In the field next to monday, you should have entered: 7:15-11:30,13:00-18:30
(Note: you can add as many periods of time as you like, separated by comma, just take care your periods of time don't overlap)


On mondays, you will see in the frontend between 7:15 o'clock am and 11:30 o'clock am and between 1 o'clock pm and 6:30 o'clock pm your 'within'-content.
Out of this period of time (eg mondays 11:45 o'clock am ) you will see your 'out of period of time'-content.
According to this example, you can configure monday to sunday.
If you leave the field next to a day blank, then on this day, the 'out of period of time'-content will be displayed all day (eg for the weekend).

Configuring your 'within'-content:

Here you can enter any content you wish to show during your configured periods of time.
You can use HTML, eg to show a image < img src="/..." / >, or you can enter any valid HTML code.
On our demo site, you can find an example how TimedNotice works, the OPEN/CLOSE symbol on the front page changes every 5 minutes.
You can take a look at the backend to see how this example is configured.

Configuring your 'out of period of time'-content:

Here you can enter any content you wish to show out of your configured periods of time.
The procedure is the same as for your 'within'-content, take a look above.

3. Frontend output

Place the tag {time} in your Joomla content (or for experienced users, put it directly in your template).
At this place, the content you configured in the plugin will be shown in the frontend.
You can style this content by CSS, just add the class .timednotice to your template.css file.

4. Opening times over midnight

A special case where some people are unsure how to configure is opening over the midnight hours (e.g. midnight sale) So let's say you have a midnight sale each friday to saturday, i.e. you open 23:00 friday evening and close 1:00 saturday morning. In this case, your configuration would be for friday : 23:00-23:59 and for saturday 0:00-1:00

The last minute of each day is 23:59, 0:00 is already the next day. Don't get confused if you want to have your opening hours over midnight every day, then you configuration would be for all days : 0:00-1:00,23:00-23:59 .